Experiencing more in 2014

Forget your average New Year’s resolutions. Let’s get out more instead. 

It’s kind of hard to break the mold when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Everyone’s tweeting and Facebooking the same ol’ same ol’. Healthy habits, weight loss, no nail biting. Less spending, more saving. Taking regular breaks from social media and small steps towards higher self-esteem.

However, I saw this tweet in my feed last week and got really excited about it.

Yes! Melissa, you’ve made the first effort in making 2014 a little more interesting and I applaud you for that. I don’t have any hard statistics here, but I can confidently say that whenever my calendar feels a little fuller, my social life a little busier, sometimes my wallet a little lighter, I feel better about what I’m doing with my life. The post-workday Netflix marathons can wait (or at the very least, be a bit shorter). Feeling better about what you do with your days and nights equates to greater self-esteem, and no one can tell you to get down from the natural high that being out-and-about can give you.

No need, girlfriend. 2014 is gonna be a good year, I can feel it. Unleash that dragon and let’s go.