Ian Sorrensen’s Journey to Becoming A Radio Host

Ian Sorrensen started out at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno and after yeard of hard work and patience, finally reached his goal in hosting his own radio station.

Ian Sorrensen was born and raised in Reno. He attended the University of Nevada, Reno in 2006. For the first two years he attended UNR, he had no idea what his major was going to be.

Then his freind Jessica encouraged him to do into journalism and he found that he actually enjoyed the broadcast form of journalism. While TV is the main focus of broadcast journalism, Ian was more interested in the radio aspect of it. He loved it so much he ended up getting his degree in it.

Ian refers to the first journalism professor he ever had, Paul Mitchell, who told him, “ You need to know a little bit about a lot of stuff.” That quote stuck with Ian as he went forward in his career as a radio host.

After he graduated from UNR, he was able to get his first internship at Wilks Broadcast group, “ I started out as an intern for about a week and luckily they needed people.” During his internship Ian was doing pretty basic stuff, “ I was doing a lot of filing and a lot of paper work.”

Once the week had passed, Ian was then given his first part-time job, where he was a tech, someone who sets up the tent and electronics at the site of the interview. He was also a board operator, “ That was my job for a long time, “ He states, “ and then doing other station business like spots and specs.” Ian did this for about three and a half to four years.

Also, during that time, he was able to get on air. At first it was only for about an hour, but he took what he could get at the time. He did that for about five months, until that particular show was cancelled. But then the radio station offered him a new job that had him on air for four hours. Not too long after that, the radio station finally asked him if he wanted to work full time at the radio station 100.1 FM the X KTHX. Ian said yes and has been working there ever since. He works Monday-Saturday from 2–6pm.

Something Ian stresses to people who want to work in radio is a mantra that he and his co-workers have throughout the office, “ It’s just radio.” Ian says is someone messes up, take a step back and relax. Radio is meant to be fun.

The most rewarding part about Ian’s job is getting to work with musicians that come in and play for the radio station. Ian’s radio station is constantly having bands come in and play for them. Some of these bands are local, well known, and there are some no one had heard of. When asked about it, Ian said, “ People come in and we get exposed to new stuff we never know existed, which is what radio should be.”

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