A Dangerous Choice

I’m certainly not the first to write about the most recent (isn’t it sad I have to say “most recent,” since there are so many?) blunder catastrophe from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and I won’t be the last, either.

But sorry, I gotta say something.

Actually, you know what? I’m not sorry at all.

By now you’ve heard the video from 2005 that was leaked on Friday evening, or at the very least you know what was said in it. Here’s an excerpt to jog your memory:

“And when you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”
“Whatever you want,” says another voice, apparently Bush’s.
“Grab them by the p — y,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

This is just ONE part of said video; I’m not transcribing the rest because, well, do I even need to?

There were two kinds of reactions to this scandal when it broke: one was being appalled, disgusted, angry and condemning the statements, and that? That’s good. That’s the reaction you *should* have. The other reaction, in my opinion, is even more alarming and disconcerting than the comments themselves — and that is:

“All men talk like that.”
“Come onnnnnn, that is NOT a big deal!”
“Everyone is so PC these days.”
“It’s locker room talk! Boys will be boys!”
“It was over a decade ago!”

Let me stop you RIGHT there.

First, let’s tackle that last asinine comment that I’ve heard over and over in the past 24 hours: yes, you’re right! It WAS in fact over a decade ago! And you know what else?

  • 11 years ago, Donald Trump was 59 years old. FIFTY-NINE. Not 19 (even though that’s still not acceptable). STOP ACTING LIKE HE WAS TOO YOUNG TO KNOW BETTER.
  • Oh, and to my next point? 11 years later and the man hasn’t STOPPED saying offensive, lewd and disrespectful shit about women. So I reallyyyyyyyyyyy don’t wanna hear it.


you’re telling me this isn’t the same man you heard from that 2005 video? stop.

Here’s the deal: Donald Trump is and always will be a pig. A chauvinist. A bigot. A sexist, disrespectful, classless, poor excuse for a man. And that’s terrible — most of us know this (those of who you don’t? I have no words for you).

And while this is clearly an issue — especially since the person I just described is not only RUNNING to be leader of the Free World, but could actually win — guess who I’m actually angrier and more upset with currently?

Anyone who takes the stance that his words aren’t a big deal, isn’t offended by them, and who doesn’t think this is a MAJOR issue. What Donald is saying in this video (and others) isharassment. It perpetuates rape culture. It triggers terrible feelings for all the women out there — including myself — who have experienced some form of horrific treatment by men (strangers or otherwise).

I wrote a comment on Facebook Friday night after I saw the video, and I regret it now. It said: “If you’re a woman and/or have a daughter and plan on voting for this person, I NEED to know why. Cause I honestly can’t think of one sane reason.”

But here’s the thing: it shouldn’t solely be women or parents of daughters who find this kind of behavior reprehensible. EVERYONE should. And the fact that there are people out there who don’t? Well, you’re part of the problem. You’re the reason people think this is the ‘norm’ and typical ol’ ‘boys will be boys’ shenanigans.

Listen, I KNOW good men. A lot of them, actually. And they would NEVER, EVER speak about a woman this way. Oh, and for the record? Know who else wouldn’t?

you’re damn right.

This election has been a three-ring circus; there’s no denying that. And I have never tried to hide my political party affiliations and which candidate(s) I support. But let’s take a step back and not look at this as a political issue or an “election-related story.” It is IMPERATIVE that Donald Trump not be our next President. Politics aside, he’s a terrible role model, a menace to society, and a risk that we as Americans should NOT take.

A vote for this man is going to speak insane volumes about how you view and value women, minorities, lower class and every other group he’s managed to offend in his lifetime.

I know who I’ll be voting for on November 8th… what about you?