The Fairies of Utopia

Dale and Sandy were two trustworthy fairies, at least for the task they had at hand. The elders of Utopia had selected them to seek out the truth. Sandy and Dale both knew that when the Good King came, He would judge all the fairies of Utopia, in truth and justice.

If it turned out that Utopia had participated in a mass genocide of their own kind, then all involved or apathetic fairies would be justly judged to walk in darkness and suffering forever. What Good King would overlook such monstrosity? A society sacrificing its’ own young? Well, it turned out the Good King lovingly and patiently offered fully-paid-for forgiveness, for anyone who admitted their evildoing and turned away from it forever. His perfect Son took horrible punishment for all fairies willing to turn away from evil and believe in Him. If the fairies of Utopia needed to change their ways (or otherwise be doomed to suffer forever torment), Sandy and Dale were determined to find out.

They were not wasting time speaking to anyone who received income from the Venus Freedoms, because those fairies livelihood was dependant on the coalings not being found to be small fairies. Instead they flew directly to the source, where the evidence would be found.

Almost there, Dale and Sandy saw a fairy go into the Venus Freedom. She looked scared but a bit relieved on her way in, like she believed she would receive what she wanted from the service of the venus flytrap. She probably believed the coaling she had been given was not her child.

In she went, ignoring some silent sign-holding protesters. Sandy suggested to Dale that they wait until after the fairy came out, to ask her about her experience immediately after. About an hour later after they had some daisy nectar to pass the time, the fairy came out. Her pregnancy glow was nowhere to be seen, and she looked extremely pale.

“Let’s go see if she’s willing to tell us her experience” Dale replied.

The fairy looked up to see them as they flew closer. She seemed to have some trouble maintaining her flying level, so Dale suggested she have a seat on the daisy nearby.

“Thank you. I didn’t know that I would feel so weak afterwards.”

Trying to be as gentle and kind as possible, Sandy slowly asked “Is it okay if we ask you some questions about the Venus Freedom?”

The weakened fairy managed a tiny smile. “I’m sorry, I just feel like I want to keep my privacy, I just feel so…cold; in my spirit. I don’t want to think about it right now, but I will tell you it was more painful and invasive than I thought it would be. No one told me it could be so…traumatic.”

Dale thanked her and the three fairies flew together to the fairy’s home flower so she could rest. After their goodbyes Sandy and Dale returned to the Freedom, although after seeing its client they had a hard time wanting to call it that.

The venus flytrap had been suggested as a way to keep fairies from having to have babies. Before babies were born, they were called coalings. And the flytrap removed the coalings from the fairies. Some fairies said they had very freeing and empowering experiences from the care that the flytraps provided. They renamed the flower to make it sound more palatable.

But other fairies deeply regretted their visit to the venus flytrap. So the truth needed to be discovered. The special glow that was given to each pregnant fairy disappeared after they visited the flytrap, even in the fairies that promoted the Venus Freedom, was a bad sign. Still, Dale and Sandy were on a search for the facts, not just concerns.

At the base of the flytrap they performed a fairy magic that was normally used to mend wilted flowers, but they used it to open up the waste part of the plant.

What was discovered was blatantly clear, shocking, obvious, unforgettable truth.

Dale and Sandy didn’t even speak, the truth was so horrific that nothing else was important until this huge evil was stopped! The two fairies flew directly to Utopia’s leaders and invited them to the scene of the ‘crime against all of Utopia and all fairies’, especially the pregnant fairies, and even more especially, the coalings. Indeed, now crystal clear to every fairy willing to look, in the most gruesome nightmarish way to discover it, the coalings were in fact, fairies. Even worse, they were infant fairies at their most fragile and innocent phase of development.

Quickly after the leaders observed the evidence, a Utopia-wide hearing was called. Every fairy was commanded to stop what they were doing and immediately remove every single venus flytrap they could locate. It would be a lot of work but this was Utopia’s clear top priority. Especially before the Good King returned. Every fairy involved in sharing lies about the coalings and/or flytraps was advised to admit their wrongdoing and correct their ways. Most of these corrupt fairies quickly accepted the truth and gratefully realized they were themselves rescued. They were safe now, like the future coalings were, except from a second death that led to eternal devastating punishment instead of excruciating violent murder. The repentant fairies all truly knew the depth of the mercy and love and forgiveness of the Good King.

Every venus flytrap was uprooted, and replaced with flowers that provided, instead of flowers that destroyed. All fairies who were given coalings were highly respected and a top priority for care and support. No longer were pregnant fairies tricked into having their own young killed and removed. Every fairy was finally safe and they were all equally valued, whether pregnant or not.

Sandy and Dale were both honoured at a special thank-you event. Every fairy would know that these two were brave and honourable enough to seek the truth no matter what. Also, because of their unbiased pursuit of the facts, there was now a hope that all the repentant fairies who lied and deceived fairies into having coalings removed and killed, would get to live forever and avoid second death.

There were still a few fairies who proudly claimed that coalings were not fairies, and that flytraps empowered pregnant fairies. But by now, every fairy had been given the chance to see the facts for themselves, and no one believed the liars anymore.

Looking back, Utopia was alarmed and concerned that they had allowed lies to grow and multiply for so long before anyone agreed to look at the evidence. Had they deep-down known that coalings were infant fairies? Had they been too scared to act while millions of infant fairies were being slaughtered? Whatever evil it was that led to their complacency, they hoped that Utopia would never again become so corrupt, and hoped that no other world would ever fail as badly as they had.