The CARE Investment Framework

Allison Barr Allen
Apr 3 · 1 min read

Over the past several years, I have taught many people (from Millennials through Baby Boomers) about personal finance and shared dozens of articles. However, I discovered that even when written in relatively plain English, financial concepts were still difficult to understand and hard to remember. As someone who loves to help people invest, this was painful for me!

I challenged myself — Can I write the basic steps in a simple, orderly way that anyone could follow, without tons of extra explanation? The CARE Investment Framework is my attempt to do so. I hope it’s useful, and please provide your feedback so I can continue to improve it.

**Note: I am not a Registered Investment Advisor and all investment decisions are made at your own risk. Each individual will have their own unique personal finance scenario, so this framework may not be relevant for everyone.

Click to Download PDF (includes links to funds & spreadsheet)

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