Cleantech Investing In 2017

Cleantech investing or clean technology is a broad term that encompasses an investment asset class, tech, and business sectors for clean energy, environment, sustainable or green products or services. Historically it was different from green business or triple bottom line industries by its beginnings in venture capital investments. It has evolved into defining a business sector that includes high growth industries like biofuels, efficient lighting, solar energy, wind power, and water purification just to name a few. In its beginning stages many of these ventures were seen as too expensive for most consumers but now there are a range of these technologies that are cost efficient and available to the masses.

Instead of focusing on technological breakthroughs the newest wave of cleantech investing businesses are emphasizing applications and solutions for their products. Many of these are taking core technologies that already exist and evolving them with updated software, sensors, and the cloud to create better products or services. This has given cleantech entrepreneurs the ability to add creativity to the new introductions of products.

A notable cleantech company that is making waves in 2017 is Tesla Motors. They are rethinking the automobile, something that most consumers use on a daily basis. Not only are they working to make cars into cleantech but they are also working to have them drive themselves. Tesla has also gotten into the solar power business by creating highly efficient, solar roof tiles that will provide power for a home. These tiles are higher quality than regular roof tiles but will cost less when they are released to the public markets.

While cleantech is the future some people think that the future is not here yet. With the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016 cleantech was hit with an administration that favors oil and gas instead of solar and wind. While stocks fell in 2016 many analysts see 2017 as the year for companies such as Tesla Motors. Tesla Energy was named top stock pick for 2017 by Investing News and there are untapped potentials that are not being considered as of yet. The launce of Tesla’s Model 3 leave expectations high for the company’s future. Tesla will need to invest in sales and service model infrastructure, which will not be an easy task. It is still too early in the year to predict how cleantech stocks will perform but cleantech investing is a good addition to any diverse portfolio.