Preparing for an Immersive Developer Program

I’m staring to prepare to attend Launch Academy in Boston, MA in order to become a software developer. I’m working through what Launch Academy “ignition” phase, which includes coding exercises, reading assignments and even writing blog entries as a tool for reflection. Beyond learning Ruby fundamentals I’m working on improving my typing speed. I have already noticed improvement of a few words per minute.

My life is going to be jam packed leading up to November 10th(when the program starts). On top of my 40+ hours a week at work. I am working on Ignition and studying for the GRE because next weekend I am scheduled to take the test(I paid for it months ago). I am also busy selling stuff on eBay and downsizing my possessions since I have to carry everything in my car and on a boat of of the island.

I am letting ideas for breakable toys mull in my mind and checking out what sorts of projects others have embarked on at coding bootcamps. I am considering creating a website that acts as a user populated, location based database that interacts with weather data and other key variables to perform rudimentary calculations that will allow a user to get an idea of weather solar panels, wind power or evacuated tubes are more effective in their region from an economy and energy efficiency perspective. Perhaps that is too ambitious, but that is one idea of many. ☺

I’m really excited to begin on a path towards becoming a software developer. In addition to all of the perks of working in an in demand field, there are so many exciting developments happening in the world of technology right now, from motion control to new touch screen drawing applications to 3D printing. I think it will be fun to get under the hood, see how stuff works, solve problems and create things that reach a large audience. I love the creative and collaborative potential of the web and I look forward to an interesting journey.

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