In Afghanistan, a Female Warlord Fights for Education and Women’s Rights
Stav Dimitropoulos

Of course the Russians and the Taliban destroyed the civilisation of Afghanistan, and what of the Americans. It is all to common to gloss over the devastating effect of US foreign policy… the destabilisation of the region by the USA created the fuel to feed the misogynistic fundamentalist terror groups that dominate the region today.

Before the USA got involved in the Middle East the women of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan had achieved almost parity, something that doesn’t exist in the US or most of Europe. All we can see now after the destruction and fake oil wars is women thrust back in to the depths of suppression, a society so sick and damaged that women are mere chattel.

It is a shame there was no sense of US responsibility in this otherwise very good article.

Good for her that she is building strong female values in her own enclave.

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