Pumping at CES
Molly Dickens

Molly — Your post made me laugh and cringe at the same time. I love the good humor you approached this situation with, but recognize this as a problem. I’m the proud momma of a 16 month old baby girl. I’m also the director of global event communications for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) — we own and produce CES. I love my job. I love my baby. I love travel. This all means that like you I have had to pump in a myriad of random, amusing and disgusting places… Remind me to tell you about a horror story that involves a business trip to Tokyo and 100 ounces of spilled milk (literally) all over Dulles Airport! That aside, I wish we would have found each other onsite. For CES 2015 I had a four-month-old so I can relate on every single level. We have designated areas onsite (albeit few and far between) for staff to use as pumping areas, and I would have graciously offered this space to you this year. Having said that, clearly that’s not enough. We have an amazing strategic team for CES that is actually made up of 100 percent women! I will be raising this at our upcoming meeting and hope that we can see a more public solution to this for CES 2017. Please stay in touch — afried@CE.org.