Peace to Humankind with TransTech

“There is no nobler user of technology than to bring peace to the minds of humankind,” — Nichol Bradford, founder of Willow Group.

Exploring spiritual alignment has been a game-changing life focus for over a year. I have immersed in research of Buddhism, Hinduism, group meditations, mantras, daily prayer, and ecstatic dancing.

I have since followed my intuitive curiosity to San Francisco and discovered Consciousness Hacking entrepreneurs and Transformative Technology.

They are Pursuing Connectedness.

Transformative technologies facilitate mental health, emotional well-being, and enhanced human thriving. They enable further peace and alignment.

Consciousness hackers refer to the Universe, the source, one love, God, etc. They are pursuing more connectedness because separation is an illusion.

They are Hacking Consciousness.

In San Francisco, an expansive community called “Consciousness Hacking” is actively creating and shaping transformative technologies. Last week I went to one of their workshop events about designing Conscious accelerators.

“Be sure that you’re solving a problem bigger than your own,” — Alexander Lloyd, director of Accelerator Ventures.

Focus on making your products investable. By developing market rigor, you hold yourself and your company to a higher standard and are better able to serve the growing needs of your users.

Technology can help.

Virtual reality can facilitate more effective and immersive meditation sessions. Neurological headsets can stimulate and track our monkey minds. Meditation tools have developed to track your monkey mind. Check out the Muse headset for neural feedback in the form of chirping birds.

I moved to San Francisco to design solutions.

Attaining sustainable inner peace, clarity, and exponential growth is a problem I want to solve. Transformative Technology is the branch that can provide practical solutions.

Influencers and thought leaders in the field are studying neuroscience to track and measure mystical and enlightened states.

Nichol used to design video games for World of War Crafts, and now she leads conscious entrepreneurs and helps them to create investable wellbeing. These leaders are rethinking human growth and optimization, meditation, and emotional wellbeing.

Framing the Conscious Conversation

Consciousness has become a focal point of the conversation. Meditation and awareness are practically buzzwords in San Francisco. Regardless of your style, exploring spiritual paths have become more culturally acceptable and fostered in larger groups.

Emotional wellbeing is needed to help sustain our rapid intellectual growth. Transformative technology defines the crossroads between “woo woo” solutions and practical ways to implement and sustain investable solutions.

When I go to Whole Foods I see “Mindfulness” magazines and Eckhart Tolle’s Awareness calendar. I feel so encouraged and inspired to move forward in a community where spiritual enlightenment grows.

Before you go…

I’d love to hear what solutions help you to create sustainable inner peace, clarity, and exponential growth. Feel free to comment below or send me an email: