Hey, Peter Hamby, Some Thoughts on Snapchat

News for me is split into two different categories; the news I consume for entertainment and the news I consume to stay informed.

To stay informed I receive breaking news alerts from the BBC, CNN, and Boston Globe apps. This gives me a brief overview of important events and breaking news. If there is a story that peaks my interest or concern I will then go to the main BBC, CNN, or Boston Globe website and read more on the topic.

The news I consume for entertainment often comes in the form of video. I enjoy longer form documentary style pieces, such as 20/20, Dateline, and VICE videos.

I rarely share news publicly, but will engage with others by sending them a link over E-mail or Facebook Messenger if I believe the story will interest them.

Sometimes I will hear about news stories through Facebook. However, it is rare I will see something on Facebook that I have not already heard about.

I rarely consume Discover news for information on Snapchat, but will consume news for entertainment on. I have one friend who often sends me Buzzfeed articles over snapchat and occasionally I will flip through discover, but never in search of breaking or hard news.

I have lived in New York City and while I was there I frequently watched the New York Live Stories. However, since moving to Boston I almost never watch Live Stories, because they do not seem incredibly relevant to my life.

I view Snapchat as a place to send fun pictures to my friends. I place to see what my friends are up to and occasionally swipe through discover to look for fun content. I might want to see the app divided into sections. A social section, in which I can interact only with my friends and then a news and discover section in which I can look for hard and breaking news, and then a lifestyle section where I can look for funny articles and see what people in different countries are spending their Friday night.

I think this division could expand Snapchat to a more informational app, while also maintaining the fun and social aspect that appeals to all its users.

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