5 reasons why you should see Sonnet Repertory’s production of “The Servant of Two Masters” right now.

  1. The amazing multi-facted actors. They sing. They dance. They act. They play instruments, sometimes with their mouths. These actors are crazy talented.
Photo Credit: Claudia Celestino

2. The costumes. It adds such an amazing level and look to the show. Well done.

3. The space. This show takes place in the amazing Teatro LATEA theatre space at The Clemente Center downtown.

4. The cost. At only $18 per ticket you have absolutely no excuse to not go. Get off your couch and go watch some quality live entertainment.

Photo Credit: Claudia Celstino

5. The orginal music created just for this show. That’s right! Members of the band Bandits on the Run Adrian Blake Enscoe, Sydney Thorin Sheperd, Jessie Shelton, and Regina Strayhorn, along with other members of the cast, have created catchy, original, and hilarious music for this updated modern take on the show.

The wonderful thing about living in New York City is the amazing opporunities you have to see one of a kind theatrical events. The Servant of Two Masters is a perfect example of this. Go see this new and modern adaptation, but if you do just be ready to laugh. Alot. This terrific show has a closing date of may 2nd, so wanna buy tickets now? Head to the website here, and while you’re there check out all the other amazing things happening soon through Sonnet Repertory Theatre.

Photo Credit: Claudia Celestino