I created my first infographic using Canva with an incoming college student in mind. This infographic outlines five different steps that will be helpful to those entering large colleges or universities feeling potentially lost in the crowd of so many students. By utilizing this advice, college students can graduate with connections, passion, and hopefully move seamlessly into graduate school or professions that interest and excite them.

The first tip is to get involved and engage in a classroom environment. This fosters active learning and can even add to the student’s retention of lecture information. Next, in the college realm, it is important to make connections. You never know what advice a professor or TA could offer you, or when you will need a recommendation. It is also important to stick to a schedule. No one wants to have the sinking feeling of not turning in an assignment or showing up to class unprepared. Stay accountable with a planner or to-do list. The fourth tip is to choose areas of study that mean something to you and inspire dedication in you. This will potentially become your career path, so you want to love it! And lastly, stay focused on the future. Grades, connections, and choices we make today will ultimately affect what happens in the future. Make sure you are making the right ones!

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