When it isn’t “Just Locker Room Talk”

Two years ago, I sat in a court room and heard those same words over and over.

“Locker Room Talk”

“she’s dead and I’m free”

He didn’t mean it, it was just “locker room talk.”

“I want that b*tch done”

It doesn’t matter how vile his words its just “locker room talk.”

“I’ll spend the rest of my life in jail as long as she’s dead”

It doesn’t matter if his past behavior shows any reasonable person he might actually follow through on what he said, because its just “locker room talk.”

My ex-husband didn’t make sexually explicit statements, in this case. Instead he was trying to hire someone to kill me. But it was just venting, just “locker room talk” as his lawyer made sure to say over and over again.

Except there is no such thing…

I sat in a chair by my living room window watching every car that came down the street until 4 am when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

It was a threat.

I remembered every time I thought he was actually going to kill me in the past.

It was abusive.

Just weeks ago he sat in a court room and still claimed that he wasn’t guilty.

It was narcissistic.

It was psychopathic.

It was wrong.

Its not “just locker room” talk.

Behind these statements are people… real people… with real feelings… with real fears… with real lives.