It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

I so appreciate this excellently explained perspective with historical reference and analogies. And thank you for taking it further in the comment responses by drawing on a probable bias in a patriarchal society and culture as well, by being male. I realize I have sneaky hidden biases I do not want to acknowledge, just like I have supressed self-limiting beliefs that need to be unearthed, brought out into the light, acknowledged and released. I truly appreciate opportunities for these pointed and honest discussions. Something else resonated with me about the subject of “intellectual vs. emotional;” that we as humans ARE emotional energies, and many of us are/were repressed from expressing ourselves openly and honestly. The message being that expressing any of the “negative” emotions such as anger can make people uncomfortable, and with biases layered on, feel vulnerable and even fearful that it will escalate into violence or a loss of control. The history you laid out was a violent one and our present is as well. It could be inferred that intellectualism is another culture of repression — perhaps even patriarchal — that affects all races, sexual orientation, economic, you name it. Perhaps we could reassure ourselves of our safety, even put up a psychic or “imaginary” energy protection shield when having in-person discussions with one another, where valid elevated emotions emerge that stem from outrage, repression, anger, resentment, passion, etc., so we can truly listen with an open heart and mind to see things from another perspective, acknowledge and even feel those emotions but not absorb them. Shame and guilt are other emotions that some of us carry, by being white or other, that are poisonous and unproductive, which add other layers to the biases. Thank you again for this forum.

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