(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

Actually, I have lived 68 years, been a Democrat the whole time, and from birth until marriage, the traveling daughter of a Congressman from Sacramento, CA — — who was often elected by both parties from 1952 until 1967 when you could no longer cross file. Within that lifetime, I have seen Democrats pass laws which insured free press (my Dad authored FOAI), stopped much of the hate and bias against the blacks (though we have far to go) worked for clean air, water, fair credit reporting, fair banking, loan term disclosure, safe tires, drug containers, children’s clothing, etc. However let the GOP into your midst and you then have the following: Herbert Hoover, Warren Harding (Teapot Dome Scandal) Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Bush I and Bush II, now Trump. If that doesn’t tell you that GOP intentionally sends its LEAST qualified and MOST corrupt people to office, nothing will. Democrats do gain power and try to set things straight…but along come the knit pickers in the party who complain of imperfections which are actually minor but upon which they dote to the exclusion of common sense.

If I had to name bad Democrat traits, I’d say that knit picking is #1, followed closely by splitting their own base while arguing who is MORE Democrat. Right now, I would take almost ANY sane Democrat who is well educated and experienced in government. I would NOT take a Nader, or a Sanders…both of whom were no friends of Democrats — — but stayed outside the party begging to come in but not to be called a “dirty liberal”. Well, I’m liberal, always have been, and a bit more unwilling to compromise than most. Why? Because the GOP is not now, nor has it been during the past decade, willing to negotiate, compromise, follow the plain meaning of law, it is NOT acting in good faith. When that is the opposition then you play by the rules at hand, gain power and put things right.

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