“Heart to Heart”

I'm still somewhere in here. Your love. The same you met, the same you love, who loves you more. The patient and understanding, who puts you first, with whom your scars don't hurt when around, with whom your darkest of stories sort solace with.
who wouldn't judge you, who only loves you, who sees greatness in you. 
Time and life has thrown it's shades, darkened the shine and wearied the bond. Lessons were learnt, desires were born, battle axes wielded and injuries sustained.
Healing in our own ways, so comfortable with our healers that we looked upon each other as poison to be healed from. 
Today holds a choice, of catching the wind and sailing away, or dropping the anchors and digging in deep. 
The adventures and exoticness of the wind seems overly tempting. 
The groaning of the anchor chains barely holds firm. 
Tomorrow promises an uncertainty desperate to be unravelled but offering none a sight to peak. 
Hints are glowed but quick to fade. 
I have traveled the distance in thoughts and pain, in visions and joy.
None shows the underlay at your heart, I more than wonder do even you know. 
Maybe you do, maybe you don't but surely He does, He that is God.

.....A heart that speaks to a heart it seeks.

(I’m still more than your heart best friend)…