Non existent questions

In front of us, we have access to more information than any human in history. But we probably don’t care. The curiosity we once had in the world is gone. Why is it the older we get, the less questions we ask? Throughout history we’ve always accepted the world we’ve been born into and if anyone tried to question our world, they were ridiculed. It’s only years later we look back and ask ourselves: how could anyone accept that world? Today we call ourselves developed, as if we have nothing left to learn. But in 100 years, when people look back at our generation. Will they too ask themselves how did anyone accept that generation? It’s no secret our world is full of problems. We rally, we protest, still the problems only seem to grow. Maybe it’s because they stem from a much larger problem we fail to see. Why do we search the universe for new life, when we can’t even coexist with the life on our own planet? How is it in a world with millions of species we see ourselves as the only one that thinks, feels, or matters? It’s a reoccurring theme in our history, the belief that some life is inferior to others. We’ve always struggled to accept those unlike ourselves. To recognize because something’s different doesn’t mean it should be treated differently. When we look at other life, we say our technology makes us more advanced. Yet all we seem to advance is the destruction of the world surrounding us. As years go on, there are smaller amounts of life to be seen. Isn’t it ironic how we call them animals and us humans? Even though they are the ones killing for survival, were just killing because we like the taste and the look. We literally raise animals just so they can be slaughtered and when you see life as an object of value, it’s hard to see the value in life. Why is it when some animals are killed it becomes a headline? Why are we enraged at the thought of a culture eating dogs? But laugh when another culture refuses to eat cows? Our idea of normal, may change depending were you are, but our desire to be normal has always been the same. It’s only when the norm changed that we criticize our former ways. Today we live in a nation where it’s completely normal to be overweight and develop cancer and develop heart disease. Clearly there’s something wrong with this way of life we call normal. But it’s all we’ve ever known. For as long as we can remember we’ve eaten animals. While were growing up were taught meat gives us protein and makes us strong. But there are already many foods out there that we don’t need to kill for.Yet were not very exposed of that. We hardly hear about the numerous studies showing the diseases associated with meat. Along with all the food and land we waste fattening the animals we eat. We’ve drank breast milk of another animal our whole life and it doesn’t seem odd, it just seems normal. After all, it’s what we’ve always done and we don’t question tradition, we embrace it. But then again, if we never questioned the traditions of our past, we would’ve never evolved. I’m sick of this politically correct yet morally fucked world. A world where we’re afraid others will be offended by our words, but not that others will be affected by our actions. A world where everybody says they want a solution, but nobody’s willing to admit they’re the problem. If the story of our planet were a film, up to this point humans would be the villain. Like any great villain, we’ve always refused to see ourselves as the bad guy.

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