How do you offer transformation when people want a Fix-It?

Hands-on work is transformational work.

You probably experienced that in your own training — and if you did, it’s likely that your dream is to help your clients transform, too.

And then there’s the cold, hard reality that most people just want to be fixed.

So how do you fill your practice with the kind of people who make your heart sing, when people aren’t looking for what you know is possible and really, deeply, truly want to give them?

Don’t waste conversations

It won’t work to talk about your modality. Your modality is known for a lot of things, but transformation probably isn’t one of them. And anyway, your modality probably isn’t known well enough to have people beating your door down to get some of it.

It won’t work to tell them they’ll get transformation. Honestly… did you take your training to get transformed? I doubt it. It’s not what most people are consciously looking for.

That doesn’t mean they won’t like it when it happens, or be thrilled once they’re getting it. But it does mean that they are not searching the internet to find it.

It starts with you

What works is making it clear to potential clients what working with you is about, and that starts with showing them who you are.

If you want a practice filled with clients who want transformation, you need to show up as the practitioner capable of helping them get it.

This means knowing who your clients are, and understanding them inside and out so that you can speak to them in a way that it’s easy to see you’re exactly the practitioner they’ve been looking for.

It means embracing the unique value you bring to your clients, so you can claim your spot in the marketplace — where you have zero competition, because you are the only option for getting the result you offer.

There’s no Fix-It for that

I wish I could tell you that there’s a quick-fix upgrade you could install, but you know it doesn’t work that way.

The truth is that you need to become the practitioner who has the practice you want.

There’s no other way to get the practice you WISH you had. And something deep inside you probably knows that if you were already that person, you’d already have that practice.

I’m not going to make this sound like a walk in the park… it takes work to get there — but not the kind most practitioners imagine they need to do.

Think of it as a train going down a track

When you help clients transform, you are a transformational leader.

The path you’re on is the transformation and the destination is… well, it’s off in the future, it’s far less important than the journey, and frankly, it will be better if you never get there! Let’s see why…

Your training is the vehicle

The carriage of the train is your modality and all your training up to now.

Without your training, there’s not much to talk about. However, the question you need to ask yourself is NOT whether there’s more you can learn about your current modality or even another modality, but what you know that will help some people, right now.

To help people,

  • You don’t need to be the most experienced practitioner on the planet.
  • You need to know who you can help with what you know now, and gradually expand your expertise by learning more as you need it.

People get on your train and travel down the track with you. No matter how long they stay, all of them are headed in the direction you’re going while they are on your train.

In order to provide a safe journey, your train has to be grounded and balanced, and it needs a source of fuel.

Your business provides grounding

The “business” you own is how your vehicle gets the wheels it needs to go anywhere.

The wheels are in contact with the earth, so you’re grounded and safe. You get stability from them and at the same time, they can take you where you want to go.

If you are adamantly opposed to having a business, you’re going to have a rough time getting a practice that satisfies you. It’s fine if you’re in this as a hobby, but if you want to earn a living from your practice, you need a business.

To be successful,

  • You don’t need to have to have a massive business plan, and don’t need to stop yourself because of all the things you imagine must be in place before you get rolling.
  • You do need to take care of a few basics. For example, you need to use your time well, do the math to figure out how many clients you need, and know how to help people commit to working with you.

Your ability to help people rests on these wheels. When you take care of the basic foundation of your business, you can guarantee your clients the stability that allows you to be present for them over time… which is what they need to transform.

Your personal development is the power

Your personal growth is the fuel that makes your train run. The growth of your hands-on practice is 100% dependent on it.

There’s a joke in the conscious business community, that people get into business training to grow their business, and end up growing themselves. Every time someone stands up in the group and says that this is what’s happening to her, the room erupts in laughter, because it’s what’s happening to everyone.

Your business is not separate from you. That’s why it’s so hard to try to get clients by doing things that feel out of integrity — like using templates that just won’t come out of your mouth, over-promising and under-delivering, or engaging in pressure tactics and other techniques that “would work if you’d only just USE them!”

Your business will push all your buttons, including ones you didn’t know you had. Here you are, bringing your truth to the world, sharing the message you’re here to share, transforming people’s lives… and inside, there’s a voice talking to you… what does it say?

My guess is that it probably makes you wonder what would happen if you really brought your truth to the world and shared the message you are here to bring… the message that’s uniquely yours…

  • Would people want to hear it?
  • Would the people you care most about value it?
  • Would people simply ignore you?
  • Would you belong if you were successful while other people in your community still struggle?

That voice is pouring sand into your fuel tank.

You’re never going to get the practice you want unless you address this because what you want is incompatible with what’s going on inside. Your fuel is drained, your train is sapped of the power it needs to make the wheels turn.

Meanwhile, people are looking for a leader who’s going somewhere. You can’t show up as a leader… least of all, a transformational leader… if your train doesn’t have the fuel it needs to move down the track.

It’s easier together

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