4 Reasons to Wake Up at 4am with the Zombies.

4 Reasons to Wake Up at 4am with the Zombies.

A lot of super successful people wake up ridiculously early. They catch up on emails, drink coffee or do yoga with loved ones, workout, meditate, set goals, and journal. One of the hardest parts is going to bed early. There are many benefits to getting up earlier.

1. Positive Mindset

Surveys show early risers report more frequently setting personal long term goals. Having a plan and goals lets them relax more in their daily lives. Leading to lower stress levels and optimistic outlooks. Enjoying quiet time before the world wakes up is amazing and fulfilling. Using this time to reflect, meditate, practice yoga and journal leads to a more positive mindset.

2. Get Started on Passion Projects

The time is now to invest in oneself. Start the day with what you love. The best investment with the highest return is the one in which we invest in ourselves. While doing Passion Projects one learns new skills, allowing the addition of immense value to the marketplace. Adding value to the marketplace and investing in oneself equals more earning potential.

3. Better Sleep because the Body is in Tune with the Circadian Rhythms of the Earth.

Sleep experts recommend 8 hours of sleep a night and maintaining a sleep routine. Our bodies are still in inline with the earth’s natural circadian rhythms sleeping when it’s dark and rising with it’s light. Artificial light has changed this to some extent, it’s best to reduce exposure to this a few hours before sleeping.

4. More Time with Loved Ones

Students having a morning routine usually eat breakfast and have a conversation with loved ones. Allowing them to achieve higher grades with a schedule and healthy breakfast. Practice yoga as the sunrises. Drink french press coffee over a pleasant conversation. Have more time to enjoy the simple pleasures.

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