When You are the Most Experienced Person in the Room.

One can be celebrating if they are the most knowledgable person in the room. Wait, it might be too soon to celebrate. Professionally, we must gauge if we are challenging ourselves enough. The ultimate gauge is how experienced those are around you.

When a Person is Always the Most Experienced in the Room, they are in the Wrong Room.

Let’s prove this statement somewhat correct and mostly wrong. Professional team-leads and managers require challenges. Attending summits with other team-leads, managers, or CEOs is a necessity. We need to gauge our “risk-taking” levels and also provide ourselves with the necessary ego boost. Being in the room with all Senior Level people consistently as a Mid or Junior level person can offer nice humility. If lucky, stellar mentorship. Although, it can bring on unnecessary doubts. Many companies with great and innovative cultures comprehend how a diversity of skill sets adds to the work environment. With the fluctuating of Mid-Level people moving up to Mentorship or higher positions, and Junior-Level people gaining mentorship.

We Need A Balance of Skill Set Levels in Our Environments.

If a person is always around people of lower skill levels their ego’s might inflate and apathy may set in. Everyone needs to be challenged on some level. On the flip side, if we are always the lowest experienced person in the room we can feel overwhelmed. Harboring the never able to “catch-up” feeling or nervous to ask for clarification.

The Best Solution.

To maintain confidence levels and gather a healthy dose of ego boosting one needs to co-mingle with all skill sets and levels. As a technical person, it is useful to be around Sales, Marketing, or Product team leads to understand their desires and challenges. As a Mid-Level person it is wise to have a healthy dose of Junior and Senior Level colleagues or professional connections. Senior Level Professionals may desire to mentor less experienced colleagues, yet attend Summits with Professionals with the same experience or more than themselves. Meetup groups offer a wide variety of skill level sets within the meetings. At technical meetups there are often break-out sessions into two groups, one for Junior Level and another with Mid to Senior Level skill sets.

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