An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Dear Talia,

This article is unbelievable. I am 23 years old, so I too am guilty of acting like an entitled millennial at times, but your entitlement and suggestions in this article are particularly outrageous. I currently work with a non-profit organization that serves the immigrant community in my small NC town, and the majority of clients are either unemployed and relentlessly searching for work or making minimum wage ($7.25/hr) while trying to support a family of five. My husband is recent immigrant from Honduras who works two low-paying jobs, which add up to about 80 hours a week of work. At one of the jobs, he manages a forklift, which generally pays about $15-$20 an hour for U.S. citizens. However, my husband along with the rest of his colleagues make no more than $8 per hour due to their status as undocumented immigrants. Because undocumented people are not given most rights in this country, my husband’s employers can exploit their workers with no repercussions.

Nevertheless, I have never heard him complain a day in his life about his job, or the outrageous amount of hours that he has to work just to (barely) make ends meet. He realizes that any job, no matter what the salary, is a blessing.

Next time you are thinking of writing an article as ignorant, thoughtless, egregious, and offensive as this one, please think again. You’re an extremely privileged person compared to the majority of the world, so please get over yourself. :)

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