These Six Teens are the Best in the United States at Microsoft Office

Certiport and Microsoft just named the Microsoft Office Specialist U.S. National Champions and these six teenagers are the best of the best! Over 320,000 students age 13 to 22 entered the competition, and 124 finalists came to Orlando, Florida this week to take timed tests where they were asked to recreate Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to prove their expertise.

The MOS U.S. Champions are:

MOS Word 2016, Joshua Garrelts, 17 years old, Kansas

MOS Excel 2016, John Dumoulin, 17 years old, Virginia

MOS PowerPoint 2016, Dheya Madhani, 15 years old, North Carolina

MOS Word 2013, Forrest Liu, 15 years old, North Carolina

MOS Excel 2013, Anirudh Narayanan, 17 years old, Delaware

MOS PowerPoint 2013, Dominic Allain, 15 years old, Louisiana

“Placing first at the MOS U.S. Championship is a dream come true to me,” said Microsoft Word Champion Forrest Liu. “I know the Microsoft Word certification I earned to qualify for the competition will help me in the future as I add it to my resume, as well as for writing professional letters, school essays and eventually on the job.”

The first-place winners will now head to Anaheim, California for the MOS World Championship from July 30 — August 2, 2017.

Certiport anticipates more than 150 finalists from more than 50 countries at the MOS World Championship, where students will again participate in a unique competition exam in their track. Six winners will receive cash prizes, medals and the title of Microsoft Office Specialist Word, Excel or PowerPoint World Champion.