Expensive Gyms Are Maybe Worth It
Megan Reynolds


My instinct, whenever I’m trying something new that I have even a tiny bit of doubt about my follow through on, is to do it as cheaply as humanly possible at first. I figure that way, if I hate it it, it’s relatively little money wasted; if it’s something I end up loving, I can trade up later.

So while committing to actually going to the gym for me required stupidly expensive shoes (because I have not one but TWO physical conditions in my feet, yaaaay) I got a membership to the cheapest gym possible with locations near my office and my apartment. It’s $25 a month (with a discount if you pay for a full year up front), which, in NY, is REALLY cheap. It offers no frills (no classes, limited space so limited equipment) but if I miss some time I don’t feel nearly as bad about it.

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