The Cost of Getting Organized
Megan Reynolds

I think an organization system is worth it, *if it is fixing an actual problem*. Arbitrarily buying something may not help, because then you’ll be trying to fit your stuff into a non-intuitive system and probably won’t bother with it. But if every time you open your closet you think “Wow, I need a shoe rack,” then a shoe rack is probably worth it.

(Re: shoe racks, btw, one of my to-dos in the near future is to move the one in my closet into the front hall. Because my closet is in my room on the opposite end of my apartment from the front door, where I take off my shoes. Do I then ever carry them back to my room and put them away? No, I do not. They live in the front hall. So: a shoe rack there will do me good, where one in my closet will not. That kind of thing…)

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