The Horror Of The “Me-ternity Leave”
Ester Bloom

Like, on the one hand, I get it — there comes a point every winter when I wish I would get sick for awhile just so I could have an excuse to take a few days off work. And yeah, one of my coworkers has a combination of being a primary caretaker of their kiddo and having health complications; their schedule is often unpredictable, sometimes balls get dropped, etc. Working with them can be stressful because of all that, and sometimes requires picking up some slack that shouldn’t technically be my responsibility.

On the other hand? It is OBVIOUS how stressed out they are. And I would much rather pick up a little extra work than deal with the ACTUAL stresses of trying to raise a kid while battling health crises. My coworker isn’t out of the office just ’cause they didn’t feel like coming in that day — they’re out because something went haywire and they’re coping the best they can.

Empathy and perspective are good things to have.

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