Money and Time Are Both Stackable Units
Nicole Dieker

My general rule for the week is: work day, plus one important thing. That tends to be all I have the time and energy for. That important thing is usually either a writing session, or working out; sometimes it’ s dinner out with friends, or errands I have to run, or something else that’s gonna eat away at the free hours between work ending and me winding down for bed. (I have a pretty strict 11:00 bedtime.)

The important thing is pretty much never housework. :/ I am a very bad housekeeper, and it always feels like it’s going to take forevvver, so I just never get started. Especially not on weeknights. I *do* make myself do the dishes as part of my getting-ready-for-bed routine, to avoid them becoming a huge PITA a few days down the road, but that’s pretty much it. Scrubbing and mopping and whatnot happens on weekends, if it happens at all. Usually when it does, my roommate and I will set aside a full day or a full weekend to do it.

More recently I have been trading time units for money units on that front. I’ve realized that not having to spend that time and that energy to do something I hate and I’m bad at *is* something I’m willing to pay for (and ditto from my roommate), so we’ve started hiring a cleaner every few months. I feel weird about it (a combination of privilege + failure as a woman?? because we’re supposed to be good at housekeeping??), but my apartment is much nicer, I am much less stressed, and we make sure to tip super well. It’s not an option available to everyone and I am so deeply grateful for being able to.

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