You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer Because Being a Writer Isn’t a Job
Ester Bloom

Oh man. This is another one that makes me remind myself to practice empathy. Because, on the one hand, I’m a writer with a full time day job. (My first book comes out in three weeks!!! …okay I’m fine.) I wrote my first book, like most people do, with no promise of getting an agent or ever selling it; I wrote the second one under contract and deadline. In both cases, like I said, with a full time job. (40 hours a week and then some, depending on the season.)

But, you know, I‘m not partnered off, and I don’t have kids or other dependents. I actually like my day job, and it pays me decently. So as far as the whole day-job-but-also-writing thing goes, I’m in a better position than a lot of people.

But on the other hand, jeez, if you’re going to quit your day job to focus on writing, you actually have to write. “The dangerous thing about a day job is that you can very quickly become suspicious that you are not a writer.” Okay, but if you don’t have a day job and you also aren’t writing, then…how does that make you a writer, and not just unemployed?

So yeah, if your job is your identity, then in fact I am an HIV educator/tech wrangler. I am also a writer. One doesn’t negate the other.

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