How Much Is Too Much For A Haircut?
Megan Reynolds

Oof, yeah. Over the last couple of years I’ve been going to a salon that is wicked expensive (~$100/cut) and also inconvenient. For my pixie-shag I should be getting it cut every 6–8 weeks but because of the price was only doing it ever 12–14 or so, and being frustrated with the way it looked pretty much constantly. *Also* I eventually realized I wasn’t quite getting the cut I wanted — my stylist there was the one who first cut it to pixie for me, and it always looked just like that first time, but I had to realize that she had never quite gotten what I wanted.

Anyhoo: I eventually googled until I found a well-reviewed salon closer to my apartment, which is also $30 cheaper, and also offers free wine with a cut, and also does half-priced trims, and also immediately gave me the cut I’d actually wanted. I tend to be a very loyal customer once I start going somewhere (out of habit, and I like routine and knowing what I’m going to get) which is why it took me forever to switch (I’d been going to my *prior* salon for like eight years, when my hair was longer), but shopping around for a better fit turned out excellently.

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