I’ll have to keep that in mind.
Tatianna Williams

This is the sort of thing that’s gonna get a bunch of responses. I have two of my own, actually.

  1. Major in what you love. That depends a bit on what you want to get out of college, though. I was lucky enough to have a family that believed that college was the last chance to learn something simply for the sake of learning, so I found stuff that really interested me and studied that. I have an American Studies degree, which is about as useless as it sounds, and has zero to do with my current job. The valuable skills I got out of it were general liberal arts things — how to research, read directions, write convincingly, etc. So if you aren’t too concerned about having a direct college-to-career path, go for it, because why not? But if you want to be (as close as possible to) a guaranteed career path, probably look for another major.
  2. I am a novelist who has never once taken a creative writing class. :) So again — if you like the classes, the workshops, etc, and find them helpful, go for it! But if your ultimate goal is to be a writer, the major itself isn’t necessary. It may well be helpful, but lots of people write (books/essays/etc) with a formal education in it. So if you decide to major in something else, you aren’t necessarily letting go of the goal of being a writer, you’re just taking a different path there.
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