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Blue Sapphire engagement ring

Sapphires have been one of the most Precious Gemstones for ages. They are now usually excavated in Afghanistan, Australia, China, Kenya, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, and some parts of the USA. After diamond it considers as the girl’s best friend, it is a traditional gift which you can give to your soul mate anytime whether it’s a 2nd anniversary or 50th anniversary of yours.

Sapphires are the birthstone of September people. These are among the most durable elements in the world. These stone appeal to jewelers because of their hardness of nine on the Mohs scale. According to Broumand “if you’re looking for a unique accent stone then this precious gem, sapphire, is just for you” because these have been highly valued long before Middle Ages. It is supposed to be the first gem ever cut and polished by Romans and worn out as jewelry.

The durability of sapphire makes them the best choice for an Engagement Ring and other accessories of jewelry that you wear every day.

The Importance of Sapphire: In old cultures, sapphire symbolizes honesty and wisdom and shortly become the favorite gem of the medieval royalty and priesthood. Kings wore them when they signed treaties because they consider them as a symbol of good luck, and is also the choice for Engagement Ring of the Britsh royal family.

In modern times, these stones give the vibes of old-world romance, that’s why couples consider Sapphire as their first choice for their engagement.

Colour Of Sapphire: Sapphire comes in different colors but the most valuable one is blue. But it comes in a variety of colors as well such as pink, yellow, green, brown, peach and clear. The rarest is a pinkish orange which is called padparadscha, it’s a word for lotus flower in Sanskrit. These stone get their colors from trace elements. Blue Sapphire contain iron and titanium.

The most preferred color for the couples in Sapphire Rings is royal blue, as it is considered as the symbol of virtue, nobility, good fortune, and wisdom. But the most captivating type of sapphire is the ‘color change’ variety. These gemstones show different colors contingent on the lighting, often changing from blue to purple.

Shades of Sapphire According to Your Tone: Sapphire gemstone is available for every skin tone. Sapphire with pastel undertone is for lighter skin and royal blues will always complement olive complexion. Deep cobalt stone is best for dark tones.

Sapphires Engagement Rings become more popular when the first iconic figure Princess Diana receives a sapphire ring from her love of life. These engagement rings have great demand in today’s world even though they are cheaper than diamonds. New Couples want to Buy Sapphire Engagement Rings for their spouse to show their love for them.
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