Is the NFL getting soft with the concussion rules? This is a question many fans including myself have wondered. Since the beginning of time, the NFL has done everything it can to bend and change the rules so they can limit the amount of concussions induced while playing football. The biggest rule added to the NFL involving concussions was the “defenseless receiver rule”. Basically this protects the runner while in the act of catching a football, it protected his upper body and forces the defender to hit the runner below the neck area to ensure no flags would be thrown. However are these new rules really lessening the amount of concussions? Since 2010 the average amount of concussions have stayed at an average of 241 concussions per year, however in 2016 the amount of concussions is at a staggering high, 271. With the numbers getting bigger and bigger each day, this creates an argument on whether these new rules are really helping the situation or if the rules are just making the game we love a soft and humiliating thing to watch. Let me know in the comment section below.
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