AllSocial Wants to Help You ‘Get Organized’
Nov 29, 2019 · 4 min read

Do you have a goal of leading a more focused, well-prioritized lifestyle?

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The “Get Organized” page lends a helping hand to those who are seeking just that. AllSocial’s ‘Get Organized’ page exposes users to creative, yet practical home organization ideas for all areas:

Drawers (of all kinds)

A word of advice from professional organizing consultant Marie Kondo: “Pack folded items in your drawer with the image of them holding hands or being placed cheek to cheek, and you will feel a sense of delight.” 🙂 #GetOrganized #StayOrganized #Organization #Home #Life #Discover

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Spice cabinets

Family Command Centers

Found at Home Hacks: 13 Foolproof Office Organization Tips. Shared on AllSocial

A simple, genius solution for not mixing up the cords plugged into the extension. 🙌

All you need for this easy DIY project are Washi tape and a sharpie marker. Just place tape around each individual cord, leaving enough space to label them.

Side note: This might come in handy for the charging station idea I shared earlier. 😏 Scroll back if you missed it!

Children’s Bedrooms

even cyberspace…

Found on Pinterest — The LifeStyle FIles. Shared on AllSocial’s GET ORGANIZED page.

and so much more!

‘Get Organized’ aims to help people “make space for the life they WANT to have”

-Schawna Scaffe

And although the majority of the content revolves around home organization strategies, lifestyle advice is also shared to keep followers motivated in their everyday journey.

An organized life goes beyond home storage; it involves:


Here is a post on ‘Get Organized’ that would have everyone ready to fly this holiday season!

Staying organized for traveling purposes is just as important as staying organized in your everyday ventures! If you’re traveling over the holiday season, I recommend keeping a handy list (like this one below 👇). Have one for each family member that they can refer to. These lists should be more generalized, so it’s suitable for nearly any vacation. Avoid putting items like “bathing suit” and “flip flops” because those may not be fitting for certain destinations. Here’s to happy, safe, and well-organized travels! 😉 #GetOrganized #Organization #Home #Life #Travel #Holibuildays #Discover

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This is a humorous post from the GET ORGANIZED page:

Allsocial Get Organized page can help with your relationships
Allsocial Get Organized page can help with your relationships

I’m a list person so this really hit home. 😆 Although this is HILARIOUS, I would argue that it is inaccurate for every single person (even when we don’t feel like it). It’s helpful to keep an ongoing list of things that are going well/in control and others that need a little more TLC. If you don’t have one of these lists, start it today! Can you think of just 2 things you’re managing well and 2 others that need work? Share in the comments section below! 👇Here is mine: GOING WELL 1. House chores and cleaning schedule. 2. Making homemade, healthy dinners regularly. NEED WORK 1. Adjusting schedules for the holidays. 2. Work/life balance. #GetOrganized #StayOrganized #Organization #Home #Life #Discover


A truly organized life encompasses a balance between responsibilities, relationships, self, and fun.

With everything from tactical tips to motivational quotes, AllSocial’s ‘Get Organized’ is committed to helping others get (and stay) organized.

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