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Blockchain has nowadays become a word that you can hear in your everyday conversations with coworkers, or when browsing the internet. But do you know what it exactly is?

There are many blockchains in existence. Every one of them is freely viewable so any single person is able to see anything, that happens on them. …

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Check out today’s interview with Arkadiusz Szczudlo — AllSporter’s official legal advisor and experienced lawyer, practicing in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Arkadiusz had multiple speeches about ICO’s and advised few of them with local law, company crucial documents and disclaimers.

Q: Why did you join the AllSporter project as an Advisor?

Arkadiusz Szczudlo: I trusted the project. I knew and followed its development for some time — it comes from my origin country — Poland, which is its additional asset for me. It’s great that such project is created in our backyard. …

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Michal during a community meeting in Tokyo, Japan

Recently Michal Polanowski (CEO of AllSporter) visited the biggest Asian countries that are main leaders in developing the blockchain technology. His first stop was Beijing, where he had several meetings with investors and entrepreneurs including one of the main characters in the world of ICOs, an advisor of AllSporter — Jason Hung.

Then Michal headed to Seoul, where he took part in a community meeting and once again presented the main ideas of AllSporter. …



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