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Audi Q7 2016

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All Star Auto Solutions has been faithfully serving its customers since its establishment in 1980 and intended on doing so in the future also. We have always believed in treating our customers the way we want to be treated by them. Our inventory is stocked with the car parts of all makes and models of the automobile industry and that also includes Audi Q7. The new Audi Q7 is offering many new things in year 2015. More performance, more space, more effectiveness, more technology and more comfort but there is no point in all these offering if there is no upgrading in the model. Though the new Audi Q7 doesn’t look all that distinct but things have pretty much changed under the skin. One look at the front, and there’s no hesitation that the 2015 Q7 is an Audi. The well-defined grille scarcely even needs the gigantic 4-ring logo to recognize it. Then there are the hostile stance and the inclined windshield. At low speeds the rear wheels steer across from the front wheels, making the vehicle more flexible for parking, and at faster speeds the rear wheels follow the movement of the front wheels to maintain stability. This works concurrently with a steering system which is an electrically-supported.

The Q7 in many ways refers to the future of Audi tech by using a multi-material mix. A full 41% of the body structure of Audi Q7 is made from aluminum, trimming kilos centre right and left. A classy aluminum component comprises of the doors which are alone saving 24kg, the bonnet, tailgate and the front wings. Then there’s air suspension that varies the Q7's height, where one can lower it by 30mm on the motorway, or increase it by 60mm whenever the driver needs it. All Star Auto Solutions is a reliable name in car parts market, dealing with thousands of customers from all around the world. We are also providing our services on the official car blog of the company which will help you get knowledge of recent events in auto industry. All kinds of announcements about cars, recently launched models, alterations, additions, car shows and many more are published on our car blog.