Erick Omondi — On Empowering Women

Omondi Eric is co — founder and Executive Director of Alliance for Sustainable Health and Wealth in Africa (ASHWA). Founded by young activists, ASHWA is a youth- led development organization supporting women and youth in Busia, Eastern Uganda and striving for “A community of empowered people living with respect and dignity.”

Erick Omondi

“I am a social worker with a passion for behavior change, attitude and girl child education with a special focus on increased retention and attendance of girls in school to drive social change, I have experience in community and youth working in areas of behavior change. I have served as a volunteer with the Uganda Red Cross Society since 2006.” — Eric narrates.

Erick at a former All Star Mentoring Academy event

With a big smile, Eric notes that “I started a social enterprise together with Buyengo women group; production of affordable and environment friendly reusable sanitary pads, that have helped to keep a girl child in school and hence solve social / household problems. We have supported over 100 girls so far with the menstrual hygiene program.”

Omondi giving a presentation at Libre Foundation training in Netherlands

Omondi joined the All Star Mentoring Academy as a mentee in 2015. He went through through intensive mentoring on business plan writing, project development, and capacity building for his organization. Eric has since used the knowledge from the academy to grow his organization, do several community projects and attract funding for his initiatives. Eric was this year elevated to a level of a mentor with the academy.

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