Priscilla On Safeguarding Land Rights

Priscilla is a lawyer currently working to promote land tenure security among post conflict rural communities in Northern Uganda. Her job involves facilitating communities to document their rights to land and other evidence in support of land ownership. She is passionate about improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in society and she hopes to achieve this by designing appropriate uses of land for economic development. She believes strongly in justice and she enjoys demystifying laws and making them work for the people. Priscilla is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2016.

“My vision is to contribute to solving persisting social issues such as injustice, poverty and lack of knowledge. For the last three years, I have engaged with communities to address land insecurity and share legal knowledge while encouraging citizens to be socially aware and involved in the development of their communities.” — Priscilla narrates.

Priscilla is part of All Star Mentoring Academy because she believes that sharing experiences is one of the best ways to grow and develop as a person. she wishes to be able to learn from someone while she shares with them the knowledge and skills that she has acquired over the years.

Priscilla having a light moment with Martin, the team leader at the Academy

And as a mentor, what matters most in a mentoring relationship is the mentor and mentee being comfortable with each other. “If two people are comfortable with each other then they can share more with each other and benefit more from the relationship.” — Priscilla.

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