Why We All Need Mentors!

By Joan Nalwadda — All Star Academy Mentee, 2016.

During school I was very worried about what the world holds for me especially towards career growth. But I have realized that this fear is important for you to build strategies towards overcoming failure as a graduate.

With the high employment rate in the country, this did not stop me to look for jobs and with this it will help me think of investing in a business with at least some capital! One thing for youth out there is to create connections and also try to keep them through follow up and should not get tired.

Approaching All Star Mentoring Academy has made me realize a step in my dreams, despite the short contracts I have acquired, this has not been enough. The academy has paired me with a wonderful person I should say because mentoring me, has gone beyond supporting me on only career growth but also connecting me to employment to practically exercise my skills.

Joan Nalwadda

The first time I met Rashida, she seemed so busy and multi-tasking between our meeting and her daily duties. I was unemployed and eager to volunteer and also make my skills visible in terms of practice, through her recommendation, I have gotten an employment that best suites my career visioning, this was an amazing opportunity for me through her contact for less than three months! Even though I had passion and experience in marketing, I still had this fantasy to work for NGOs and UN to be specific, in one of our meetings, Rashida put it straight to me that‘’you create a path to where you want to go but without a path, the shortest route possible may not be sustainable.

Rashida Nakabuga, Joan’s Mentor

She later advised me to instead pursue a career in marketing since I was experienced in it and grow the experience as I shape the right paths that would be helpful in future, I was reluctant at first but now that I fully took her advice, I couldn’t be more happy with my choice and hope to grow my career towards public relations or branding/promotions and plan to be the best ambassador in the near future.

I am now focused on climbing the marketing ladder instead of seeking for different jobs and grow no career path at all. The first time I met Rashida, I wasn’t sure what career path to follow but now I am.I have learnt to be more result oriented, to be kind but not a push offer and separating work from my personal life. It is not about age, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. We don’t have to be 40 years to achieve all our goals. I see myself at the top, selling my services as a spokesperson and brand ambassador of my personality and my work.

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