What is Dating someone from a Different Religion like?

In present time, with advent of internet, you can expect to fall in relationship with people who are miles away from you. For most people maintaining such type of relationship may not be an easy task. Distance may be a challenging task, but religion is till date one of the primary challenges faced.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that different religions follow different beliefs. The moment you are speaking of dating and love, it’s more of unconditional aspects. When dating someone belonging to other religion, you have to depend more on interfaith aspect for maintaining the relationship.

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Practice being open minded

This is one of the most key factors you have to keep in mind when dating someone from other religion. You only get familiar with your resistances the moment you start falling away from it.

As both are following different religions so it is important to take a step ahead and get familiar with each others religion. You can also try and reverse your roles to help understand each other much better. Being open-minded, and putting it into practicality, will help you maintain long lasting relationship.

You can get started with sharing scripts about your religion with your partner. This will help to avoid any type of conflicts you face related to religion.

Humans are all same

Dating someone who is following a different religion is more about convincing each other related to your own spiritual needs and beliefs. No mater which religion you follow, it is obvious that the feeling related to God in all religions across the world is the same. It is easy for any one to express this feeling, no matter what religion they follow.

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You have to learn to respect each others feelings towards their own religion. This simple move will help you fall into any type of conflicts on religious grounds with your partner. It will also prove helpful in maintaining long lasting relationship with your partner. It is more important that even if you have been dating someone who belongs to other religion, still you have to feel comfortable and safe when with your partner. You should also be able to express all your feelings comfortably and safely.

Importance of changing for others

There may be few religions practices that may also force strict laws related to maintaining inter –religious relationships. You may have to follow two different cultures at the same time. In most cases, there may never be a need for you to change your religious practices for your partner, but this may only be true for few cases.

As far as religious grounds are concerned, love should never involve foundational shifting from one religious practice to another. This has to be avoided so you don’t fall into conflict with your relatives and family members. There may not be any fault to follow and learn about your partners religious practice, you should not try to enforce your religious practices on your partner.

You have to keep in mind that dating people belonging to other religion does not mean that you have to try and force them to change according to your religion. You can try out a much easier way of learning about other religions and beliefs.

In case you try and change other person’s point of view or perception, then you may very often end up conflicting. Getting defensive about your religious beliefs may never be an ideal solution.

Even if you are dating inter religious partner, still you have to consider it as intellectual and spiritual freedom and learn more. You have to keep in mind that interfaith relationships can at times be very much rewarding.

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