The HK police tear gas attacks one year on: impunity and many unanswered questions (+ remembering…
Kong Tsung-gan / 江松澗

Thank you for writing this. I find so much about what has happened during the past year to have an Alice-in-Wonderland quality. The HK govt, their supporters and police keep surprising me with their views and explanations. It’s oscillated through tragedy, comic and farce multiple times already. It’s like they just steamroll through reality, capable of arguing straightfaced that black is white. Commissioner Lo’s recent explanation of the HKPF’s ‘political cleansing’ of their website is just the latest of many incidents. I’m glad you remind us of Andy Tsang’s promise of a three-month investigation. It’s been so long, I’d forgotten about that! I guess they are pretty confident that the neither the media nor LegCo members have the inclination or ability to hold them accountable, so they can just say anything. But without more accountability it’s hard to see the opposition/protestors growing in size over time. Thanks again for your great efforts documenting all this. Really appreciate it!