I’m a hurricane.
I’m spiraling.
Sweeping through scenarios and leaving mismatched memories in my wake.

I talk fast, off the cuff. How else do you entertain?
Sure! Uh-huh! No problem. Absolutely!
What did they say? I don’t remember.
You can’t listen and talk.

Consideration is not up for consideration.
The path of destruction I leave behind leaves me plagued with disorientation.

What is the price to pay for being loved?
You can’t please everyone but if you die trying, will your eulogy speak of admiration?
That, then, would still not be enough.

You can’t tame a force of nature. 
You can’t mend it into a neat little box.
Despite the allure of conformity, you cannot submit to the unattainable.

You cannot tame a force of nature.
You cannot undo the wake of a hurricane, destined to exist, destined to destroy.
Destined to bring hope in the aftermath of tragedy.

It can only get better than this.