I’m 17. I Turn 18 in Four Months’ Time. And I Have A Bucket List.

No, I’m not gonna hit the bucket. I’m just gonna turn 18.

Like almost every 17 year old who majorly spends their time reading, writing, and talking to the one bestfriend, I too feel like there’s so much I’ve never done.

Yeah, I’m just being a teen. A few years, and I’ll realise this doesn’t matter as much as I believed.

But its not a few years later right now.

So at 1:18 am, I suddenly turn my bedroom light on, and plunge into the crappy depths of my backpack, face first. A few chocolate wrappers, many chips wrappers, tons of bus tickets, and there it is. My Bucket List. Sitting in my bag since June 26, 2016.

“Things To Do Before I Turn 18,” the title says. 28 things on the list, 12 months. It’s been 8 months, and 7 of them are crossed off.

I realise the only way I’m finishing it, is if I put it up here for the world to see.

Nope, I do not expect the world to see it. I have 4 followers.

So here’s the plan. My Bucket List is here, for anyone who finds a 17 year old’s life interesting, to see. Everything I cross off from the list, I write about.

Also, it’s convenient because none of the people I know in person use Medium.

Just kidding, of course they do. I’ve just very smartly stayed away from them.

Here goes nothing.

Things To Do Before I Turn 18
  1. Save up a crapload of money. (No, I’m not defining a crapload.)
  2. Sing for a crowd. (Honestly, I could have done this. I had the chance. Not once, not twice, but thrice. But I read and write and talk to just one person all day, remember?)
  3. Learn to play the guitar. (At least one song. Yeah, Smelly Cat. I’m predictable, aren’t I?)
  4. Get kissed. (No, seriously.)
  5. Finish the story ‘Sixteen’. (The title makes me cringe now.)
  6. Get inked. (My parents don’t approve of tattoos. It doesn’t feel right to ask them for money. And I suck big time at saving up. Hmm, seems doable.)
  7. Get another piercing on the ear. (Honestly, my second piercing on the ear gave me troubles today. What was I even thinking.)
  8. Get hair that reaches my ass. (Hair that just reaches the butt crack on pulling when wet shall do.)
  9. Make a music video with friends. (Read as - Get friends.)
  10. Compile all my pieces of writing, handwritten. (Yeah, I have a thing for beautiful diaries. Told ya I’m predictable.)
  11. First self-earned bucks. (Honestly, I’m so late at life.)
  12. Photograph a lot, capture all of this year, and put it all together at the end. (I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. No kidding Bro.)
  13. Make someone smile.
  14. View the dusk from a cliff.
  15. Get drunk. (I’m rolling eyes at my own list.)
  16. Attend a concert.
  17. Cook Paneer Chilly. (Don’t ask me why. I don’t cook anything more than Maggi, and aren’t bucket lists supposed to be challenging? And well, I like Paneer Chilly. Dry, okay?)
  18. Go gymming. (No, I’m not fat. Really, I’m skinny. Skinnier than anyone you know. I’m passionate about fitness, but I somehow always find myself on the bed. With a book, unwilling to move my ass. Also, how do I introduce myself to the gym instructor? How do I not make a fool of myself between all those equipments?)
  19. Have the one, best sleepover of all times. (I honestly don’t like to sleep in the same room as others. Can sleepovers happen without that?)
  20. Get one, perfect picture with all the amazing people in my life. (My inner self had fun, imaging what a fool of myself I’m gonna make when I ask that cute guy for a picture. Dear God, help me.)
  21. Learn French. A basic conversation, at least.
  22. Bunk a lecture. (Seriously.)
  23. Make a baap playlist. (You know, that playlist to make you appear cool. If you’re 17.)
  24. Tell a crush I like them. (Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.)
  25. Meet a person I became friends with online. (Now this one is really close to my heart.)
  26. Drive a motorbike. (Cause Tashan.)
  27. Bikini photoshoot with a girl bestie. (If only I had a fairer bum.)
  28. Meet one singer/musician, photographer, actor/director, hoping to make it big, and have a real conversation.

You see, it’s not as hollow as you thought.

If you’re even reading this.

127 days.

Let’s get this done.