I was digging into a couple DTC toilet paper brands, but honestly the market view and positions in the space got me hype.

So here are my thoughts on:

💰the $31B US toilet paper industry

✉️a few DTC brands

🌲sustainability as a brand identity

🏪a couple retail incumbents

So, unsurprisingly…

MeUndies is the fun underwear brand that you can’t stop hearing about. They’ve built an appealing presence in a historically unsexy category filled with neutral colors and loose waistbands. But these ain’t your granny’s panties, bro.


MeUndies blurs the lines between the intimate nature of underwear & the voyeuristic…

💦Drink week💦presents a thread on🍉Hint Water🍍

Hint is one of the more mature DTC brands, so I wanted to look more closely at how

💪Hint’s brand is strong yet flexible

🔑Data is a key asset

🔧Content is always a growth lever

🎤Hint uses Twitter for community empowerment

Hint Water’s branding…

At a glance, Recess looks more like a high end restaurant than a d2c brand, which has really attractive implications for their word of mouth growth.


Like a high end restaurant, the design of their physical space creates an environment and feeling that you want to take home with…

ThirdLove is turning the expensive, painstaking journey of finding the perfect bra into a memorable, risk-free experience. How? Functional content that flows into their main value prop. A guaranteed fit, or money back. Upselling the right product at the right time.


Today, a good brand creates meaningful content. Putting…

I’m fascinated by Ugly Drinks! Here we go. Ugly Drinks is not your average D2C company. They’re actually both D2C and D2B2C — yes that’s right. Direct to Business to Consumer — selling to offices, getting into public fridges, building brand equity with employees.

They’re irreverently millennial, leaning hard into…

Away is owning the door-to-door travel experience, not the destination.

👩‍✈️At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position as we prepare for takeoff. We’ll be flying through @Away’s content, product, messaging, and brand positioning.🛄🛫

The desire to see the world is…

A closer look at Tracksmith’s brand strategy and growth opportunities.

This was originally a Twitter thread. Feel free to read it there.

Okay — I need to talk about Tracksmith, so settle in.

It’s rare to come across a brand that invests so much in strong, compelling creative — especially this “early” in their growth. I say early because, damn…

Building is working really hard. Creating is the gift of vision.


The first type is heads down, solving a problem, tweaking something until it feels just right. Whether that’s code, or design, or tweaking that synth in a song panned just to the right so it hides perfectly under the hi-hat.

In this type of creation, I feel the siren call…

Marco Marandiz

Founder @droppartyyy

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