MeUndies: Uncovered

Marco Marandiz
4 min readSep 19, 2019

MeUndies is the fun underwear brand that you can’t stop hearing about. They’ve built an appealing presence in a historically unsexy category filled with neutral colors and loose waistbands. But these ain’t your granny’s panties, bro.


MeUndies blurs the lines between the intimate nature of underwear & the voyeuristic nature of social media to inspire their creative strategy, using it as the main lever for their brand attention on social media.

Case in point: Instagram. Thanks to the nature of their product, MeUndies can confidently showcase their brand on Instagram while tempting us to look at butts of all different shapes and sizes. Size wise, their follower count is 341k.

They also have a match making flow to buy MeUndies for you and your significant other.

Of course, it’s to help you be a cute bf to your bf (#PrideMonth amirite?), but it’s ALSO a way for .@MeUndies to acquire two customers for the price of one.

This matchmaking flow is simple, fun, and semi nude — using clear language to talk about intimate apparel. If all goes to plan they’ve gotten one person to buy underwear for two people, one of which is (hopefully) having an overwhelmingly positive first interaction with MeUndies.

At the end of this Matchmaker flow, and on all other products, there’s a subscription option that comes with a 33% discount. Great idea, but here’s the challenge with this UX.

There are way too many ideas to grasp quickly for the skimming or impatient user (which is everyone).

In order of appearance: “Member Exclusive”, “Get Once”, Get Monthly and Save 33%”, “How Membership Works,” “Add to Cart” or “Add Membership to Bag” .

Speaking as a product manager who’s built things like this, I still don’t have a solid mental model of the offering.

If I were thinking about growth for the subscription service, here’s what I’d test.

☝️Naming the monthly membership and subscription the same thing. There isn’t a clear line being drawn between the two. Even the “How Membership Works” modal doesn’t plainly connect the dots.

☝️Clarifying HOW to “skip a month” by highlighting it outside of the FAQ — this builds trust. Especially because it’s the first question that comes up. (1, can I skip months. 2, how do I do it.)

This is a screenshot from a video in their FAQ

The reality is nobody buys their first pair of underwear from MeUndies. They start at Target, Victoria’s Secret, or Amazon, and then *try* MeUndies.

So even if they subscribe, skipping a month is inevitable for subscribers.

Finally, I love the Mystery pack! Variability wins.

In digital products, variability has become the default when you have a feed of UGC. The habit loop is a powerful tool for getting someone “Hooked”, but bringing the Hooked model to DTC will be tough.

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