While I agree in principal part of the issue is capital.
Paul Lundin

On Elon: Yeah he did the improving on existing things thing, but that was waaaay before the “it’s cool to be an entrepreneur” trend. Silicon Valley is suffocating under the social pressure to be a founder of a startup, get into YC (or any other accelerator), get your Series A, and so on… Elon also was excited about the internet and just wanted to help build what would be the foundation of what we can’t live without today. I’m not disagreeing, but the context is an important factor here.

Concerning big money trying to make more money — I agree. That is a huge problem. Especially because it usually doesn’t come in the form of big money folks starting their own businesses, but investing in companies that they believe can “out apple apple or out facebook facebook” (great quote btw). This encourages entrepreneurs to build businesses where the big money is landing most frequently.

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