The Art of Innovation; 1 Sheet

by Tom Kelley

Innovate or Die: No one gets ahead by copying the status quo.

  • “Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who’s forging a bullet with your company’s name on it. You’ve got one option now — to shoot first. You’ve got to out-innovate the innovators.” — Gary Hamel
  • Innovation is about iteration— not perfection.
  • Don’t miss the boat while measuring the opportunities on board.

Brainstormer: No notes. No turns. No Rules. Wild Ideas++. < 90min.

  • Sketch, mind map, diagram and stick figure on every flat surface.
  • Problem solve through networking: Ask all your smart friends!
  • New ideas come from seeing, smelling, hearing — being there… It doesn’t matter how many astute questions you ask. If you’re not in the jungle, you’re not going to know the tiger.

Prototyping: Play and iterate.

  • Exploring borders is the same method that’s helped scientists unlock some of the greatest secrets of nature.
  • If you expect to find answers from unusual places, it’s far more likely to happen.
  • One click is better than two.
  • The secret to getting great art from second graders is knowing when to take the paper away.