Thirdlove: Personalization UX

Marco Marandiz
4 min readAug 29, 2019

ThirdLove is turning the expensive, painstaking journey of finding the perfect bra into a memorable, risk-free experience. How? Functional content that flows into their main value prop. A guaranteed fit, or money back. Upselling the right product at the right time.


Today, a good brand creates meaningful content. Putting it in accessible places for your audience is just as important to figure out.

Ask yourself how deeply can you connect with your customer? ThirdLove does in their navigation — Bra 101. Get like ThirdLove. Get on content.

They don’t stop there.

On Pinterest (29k), their profile is well branded, with a coherent theme and sense of order for navigating it.




Under each “fit:” board, every pin drives traffic back to an educational article or blog post hosted on ThirdLove.

ThirdLove takes ownership over bra sizing and makes it core to their brand. They’re even willing to give you your money back or make exchanges for up to 60 days to make sure everything works perfectly for you.

A guaranteed fit is the hard sell made easy.

Fit finder finds your ideal bra in 60 seconds, with a 60 day guarantee.

The fit finder flow takes you through a series of steps to find your right size, including breast shape, how your current bra fits and like 20 other detailed steps.

Smart move to collect an email at the end of this flow — they’ve promised you a perfect fit, and deliver with your size, cup shape and an explanation of why it’s perfect for you.

But first, gimme dat email.

So how can you give a guarantee on your product? Be flexible and play with consumer psychology.🤸‍♀️

After you’ve found your perfect fit, ThirdLove has both a 60 day guarantee and a 30 day try before you buy program.

Essentially, two flavors of the same guarantee.

One gives you your money back if you return in 60 days and donates the bra to women in need.

The other lets you try the bra (only pay for shipping) and only get charged after 30 days of living in it.

Also there’s a nice upsell in this flow. Add $5 panties!

Costs ThirdLove nothing more to throw panties in the package, and create another angle for customer loyalty.

One important point: giving guarantees doesn’t necessarily instill confidence in your customer.

ThirdLove does a great job at noticing this distinction and acting on it by showcasing their product on different size models.

Their rewards program actually reminds of Sephora’s — based on lifetime spend. They give you free underwear, limited edition products, and birthday gifts.

It’s savvy to pair this rewards program with their incentives for you — buy more perfect fitting bras and save more money.

This second seemingly unrelated hook (“More love, less money”) into their rewards program doesn’t feel like the same pitch, and gives customers both an explicit and implicit path towards rewards.

I’m generally a fan of the sidebar cart for eCom sites — sure it takes a bit more engineering effort, but it keeps the user in their existing context, not giving them an opportunity to bounce.

The shop now CTA in the cart is just solid fundamentals.

When you add an item to your cart, @ThirdLove upsells to another bra WITH great value setting (buy both, save $15)

Also, just wanted to point out their dooope Instagram (275k).

ThirdLove feels super inviting in the (inclusive) nude color palette, which is really appealing when actually tapping through to their profile.