I was digging into a couple DTC toilet paper brands, but honestly the market view and positions in the space got me hype.

So here are my thoughts on:

💰the $31B US toilet paper industry

✉️a few DTC brands

🌲sustainability as a brand identity

🏪a couple retail incumbents

So, unsurprisingly, cutting down trees to make toilet paper is not the best thing for the environment.

And a bunch of DTC toilet paper brands are using this as a differentiator to connect with customers, playing towards the eco friendly “save the forests” angle.

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☝️That story features @WhoGivesACrapTP. They’re the most prominent DTC brand in the space. Besides the convenience of delivering to your home, a major dimension of their messaging is eco-friendliness & sustainability. …

MeUndies is the fun underwear brand that you can’t stop hearing about. They’ve built an appealing presence in a historically unsexy category filled with neutral colors and loose waistbands. But these ain’t your granny’s panties, bro.


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MeUndies blurs the lines between the intimate nature of underwear & the voyeuristic nature of social media to inspire their creative strategy, using it as the main lever for their brand attention on social media.

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💦Drink week💦presents a thread on🍉Hint Water🍍

Hint is one of the more mature DTC brands, so I wanted to look more closely at how

💪Hint’s brand is strong yet flexible

🔑Data is a key asset

🔧Content is always a growth lever

🎤Hint uses Twitter for community empowerment

Hint Water’s branding is sophisticated, with enough color and youthfulness to be comfortable in the hands of women, men, and children. This flexibility allows Hint to grow across various demographics, while still focusing on 25–40 y/o women.

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It’s subtle, but you can see that as the company grew, they evolved their creative to appeal to their newer/broader audience. Let’s look at IG (56k followers) as an example. 2017 leans feminine in imagery and color palette. …


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