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Failure sucks. You may have heard of the famous startup maths: nine of out 10 startups fail. The bitter truth about failure hurts but the most important thing is that most entrepreneurs move on to do something else. It’s not over until you give up. There are a ton of startups trying to make it, and a lot of them just don’t make the cut. Whether it’s poor budgeting, lack of excitement, or bad management, the onus is on the founders to explain what really happened. The good news for aspiring entrepreneurs is that, some founders open up about their failures and share their experiences with the public without hesitation.

I have rounded up over 50 startups that failed and the reasons why they failed to make it. The reasons for their failure were shared by the founders and those close to management in various startup post-mortems online.

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Featured failed startups;

1. Pingjam (a monetization solution for Android app developers)
2. StartupSQUARE (a platform for helping entrepreneurs)
3. Cusoy (restaurant meal planner based on your dietary needs)
4. Unifyo (a tool for high performing sales team)
5. Everpix (photo hosting service)
6. Gowalla ( location-based social network)
7. Sonar (social discovery app)
8. Formspring (Q&A social network)
9. EventVue (online community for conferences)
10. Devver (developer coding tools)
11. FindIt (universal search across files stored in the cloud)
12. Canvas Networks (image-centric social website)
13. Blurtt (photo sharing app )
14. Admazely (advertising for web shops)
15. Pumodo (mobile sports platform)
16. Dijiwan (digital marketing company)
17. Prim (laundry delivery)
18. InBloom (student data management)
19. Outbox (mail digitizing service)
20. Argyle (social media marketing software)
21. (mobile music service)
22. Stipple (Image-tagging advertising)
23. Delight (usability testing for mobile apps)
24. How.Do (DIY crafts ideas and projects)
25. Readmill (social reading app)
26. Plancast (social site for planning events)
27. Flud (social news reader)
28. DrawQuest (drawing app / game)
30. Standout Jobs (recruiting portal)
32. Flowtab (mobile drink ordering)
33. Sonar (social discovery)
34. YouCastr (video platform)
35. Admazely (tools for re-targeting advertisement)
36. Meetro (multi-network social messenger)
37. eCrowds (on-demand content-centered community platform)
38. Backfence (hyperlocal news sites)
39. Standout Jobs (recruitment communication platform)
40. Inhabi (a matchmaking service for renters and landlords)
41. 99dresses (Buy, sell & trade fashion)
42. Zillionears (flash sale platform for musicians)
44. Vinetrade (building and managing wine portfolios)
45. (streaming music service)
46. Tab (prepaid loyalty app)
47. Intellibank (sort of like Dropbox)
48. Teamometer (online team diagnostic tool)
49. Tutorspree (online tutoring marketplace)
50. Exfm (browser-based music discovery)
51. Grooveshark (music sharing service)
52. Secret (anonymous sharing app)
53. Trada (paid search crowdsourced marketplace)
54. GigaOm (pionerring tech blog)
55. 12 Lessons on closing down your idea

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The author is the founder Alltopstartups, where he shares resources entrepreneurs need to start and grow successful businesses. Follow him on Twitter @Alltopstartups.

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