Dear Queen,

Every time I look into your eyes

I see a kingdom, I see the eye of the tiger

I see who you really are

If strength was pupils then they are truly yours

So it no coincidence that every time I look in them

I see my reflection

A soul that’s been thru hell and back

Has scars no one has ever seen,

They don’t see just how far of a road you’ve walked

And queen, that road isn’t full of bricks the same tone as your skin

You’ve step over cracks in the road thinking there the ones you’ve mended

Tiptoeing around your true essence

You have a healing spirit of inside you

The ability to hold a broken soul

Help them see their reflection

You’re their reflection



Joy, love

Honesty, truth

Truth lives inside you

Protect it at all costs

Never let society rob you of your natural beauty

They’ll try to tarnish you, out of envy

Tell you to straighten your hair, remove that crown

We didn’t crown you a queen

Be submissive, be programmed,

Be the mark of the beast against the very man you love

Society will only queen you in a game to destroy our community

Turn you into a king’s enemy

Turn black homes into battlefields

Place wedges between the man and woman

Instill hate, confuse us into fighting each other

Make you believe queen, you don’t need a king

Make a king feel less than a man, unwanted

Not needed to be at the head of the home

Worthless, he’ll turn away from you

Sell his soul for fame, cars, and gold

Lose his worth for worthlessness

If you pay attention queen

Society is afraid of us but mimics everything we embody

Our culture, our strength, our passion, our essence

Is being duplicated and destroyed at the same time

You’re the pawn in this chess match

They’ve turn kings into Knights with chinks

Use our children as rooks

Drawing straight lines in the ground

Instill hate as a bishop to worship

No wonder why there’s wars inside homes where kings and queens reside

Finger pointing at each other

Placing blame everywhere but in the places it should

Blame game

Pain replaces the love


Longing for healing

Obvious need to be back on our thrones

Various ways to unite

Evolving instead of accepting what’s dealt

And queen…. love is you

Love is complete when we both put away the hate

Decide to focus on us

Not let society deter what our true destiny

So queen, I’m only speaking this to you out of the strength I know you have

And honestly the most powerful entity in this world

Is the only one that can take on the weight of healing a community

So it starts with you

Signed every king………

©2015 F. Davis/ Poeticlifeline/ Allure and Soul All Rights Reserved…..